As dealing with up-to-date technology, Al Maymanah offers the Biological Rotating Discs (BRD) systems from “BIOCLEAN – Germany”, an advanced & compact system of sewage treatment which treats the sewage completely and efficiently.

As stated by Prof. H. H. Hahn, the president of German Wastewater Association (ATV) which is introducing the German Standards for wastewater: “The Rotating Biological Contacts presents the best available sewage treatment technology”.

This system consists of a series of closely opened circular disks of polypropylene submerged in wastewater and rotated slowly at a rate of 5 r.p.m through it. In operation, biological growth becomes attached to the surface of the discs and eventually forms a slime layer over the entire wetted surface of the disks. The rotation of the disks alternately contacts the biomass with the organic material in the wastewater and then with the atmosphere for adsorption of oxygen.

The disc rotation is also the mechanism for removing excess solids from the discs by shearing forces it creates and maintaining the sloughed solids suspension so they can be carried from the unit to a clarifier (Lamella Separator).

In the secondary stage, the clarified water is chlorinated and further filtered in a media filter to 20 – 40 micron ranges to provide clear, odorless water suitable for reuse.

Advantages Of B.R.D. System:

  • Variation of flow rate

    System can accommodate low flow rates, w/o minimum limitation and can accommodate shock loads as high as 300% of its designed capacity.

  • Odor-free:

    The oxygen saturation introduced by this system eliminates the smell, making it odor-free.

  • Biomass

    The Biomass rests on the discs, which rotates @ 5 – 7 RPM and does not requires introduction of oxygen on the sewage. This increases the treatment efficiency.

  • Oxygen Introduction

    In hot climates, the solubility of oxygen in water decreases, which effects the efficiency of other systems, while in RBC systems the biomass takes the oxygen from direct contact with air in addition to the dissolved oxygen in water and hence treats more efficiently.

  • Noiseless

    The RBC systems do not make any noise.

  • Running Cost

    Power consumption of operating the RBC system is very less. Also the system is almost maintenance free and requires minimal manpower supervision.

  • Space Requirement

    Requires tanks of smaller capacities when compared with other systems and hence, savings in civil works and land.

  • Outlook

    It will be seen as a part of the building and has a good outlook, while the others are not pleasing in appearance. Can also be installed underground

  • Sludge Produced

    The sludge produced by BRD is much less than produced by other systems. (1/2 – 1/3)

  • Wastage of biomines

    In RBC system, the biomines is saved on the discs, while in other systems it goes with the treated water and is not used again.

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