Swimming Pools Heating Solutions

ECOTHERM Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters with Incoloy 825 heating elements For Swimming Pools

Standard features:

  • Vertical or horizontal type
  • Stainless steel tank AISI 316 Ti or duplex stainless steel
  • Incoloy 825 heating elements
  • Fibre-fleece insulation with a robust PP exterior shell RAL7037, insulation with 80 or 100 mm.

Standard accessories:

  • Automatic air and vacuum vent including fast venting cock
  • Dial thermometer
  • Pressure gauge
  • Dielectric isolator kits for piping connections
  • Safety pressure relieve valve
  • Flow switch
Sauna Heaters and Steam Generators
AK Generator Series: Creating the ultimate steam bath environment Amerec Steam’s AK generators set themselves apart from other residential generators with several unique features. The soothing and purifying effects of steam bathing are a direct result of the bath’s ability to minimize temperature variations and maintain an even flow of steam.

Amerec Steam AK generators were purpose-designed for home use, transforming your shower or bathing room into a daily invitation to comfort. An AK generator uses full power to quickly heat up the steam room to its preset temperature, then cuts power to half its elements. The result is a more consistent flow of soft steam and more stable temperature – the perfect conditions for relaxing and recharging whenever the mood strikes you.

Ideal for large steam rooms, the Amerec Steam Commercial Steam Generator is designed for optimum user enjoyment and ease of use. Standard features make this generator a dream-come-true from a facilities maintenance point of view and reliable long life for owners. The unit is designed for easy on-site maintenance and hands-off, automated operation.

Amerec Steam engineering and technology incorporates several unique features making this unit the ideal commercial steam generator.

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